Rates and Charges

There are two charge rate options, by the hour and by the word. Both are very competitive and well below the Society for Editors and Proofreaders’ recommended minimum rates.


Registered charities and charitable institutions are entitled to a 10% discount on both rate options at all times.

Other Charges

There are no additional charges for bank holiday work. Emergency same day and weekend work is charged at standard rates plus 50%.

By the hour

£15 per hour

This option can be used for any type of document, and is the most flexible. We estimate how long the work will take from the type of content, the quality of the content and your specific requirements. We then apply the hourly rate shown above and give you an estimate in writing.

By the word

£7.50 per 1000 words

This option is based on the number of words in your document, and can be used when the document is mainly text and there isn't a lot of editing to be done. If there are other elements to be checked, for example tables containing figures, or there is is more to be done than just proofreading, then the work will need to by done by the hour (see left).

Contact us for more details, or click the button to get an estimate by email.


Contact us for more details, or click the button to get a quote by email.